It is a technique taught by Karma Guru Sumant Kant Kaul through which we can heal karma’s in a person’s life which cause them suffering and problems in the aspects of health, wealth & relationship.

It is a technique which one can foresee the consequences of one’s actions. If the consequences are positive you can choose to take and if it is negative you can choose to avoid it. This way you can create happy and joyous life for yourself and for the people around you.

It is a philosophy backed technique. It has many aspects to it. It has the knowledge about the ultimate truth of the universe. It has healing techniques to heal physical issues and emotional issues. It is a 60,000-year-old technique based on Trika, Kashmir Shaivism.It has the knowledge to bring the people out of the illusion of the world. It also has 112 meditations for enlightenment and Buddha used one of this for enlightenment.These meditations are taught by Karma Guru Sumant Kant Kaul in his classes

Now to understand what is Karma?

Further Karma Guru Sumant Kant Kaul explains, some people have issues in health, wealth and relationship, some suffer while some enjoy. Some people live longer while some don’t.

And the reason for all of this is Karma.

Karma is a Law. Every thought has a cause and every cause has an Effect.

This is Karma.

And karma can be implied in 3 ways: by thought; by word and by action. Every thought is Karma people should be careful about their thought, every word one says is karma and everything one does is also Karma.

Basically Karma is if one does good to other it comes back to them. Karma is accumulated over many life-time. This is the reason sometimes people don’t understand why certain things are happening to them because they might be bearing karmas of their past life. If they are suffering in this life it can be that they harmed someone or they made someone else suffer so they are bearing that karma in this life. We come to earth to resolve some amount of karmas and while resolving them we end up creating more Karmas. And we incarnate to resolve this Karma and the past Karma and we get stuck in this endless cycle of Karma and re-incarnation.

Karma governs and controls everything in one’s life. It controls the person is and what happens with everyone. There is will power of course. Most of the time people don’t know their karma and there is Karma that is controlling them. It is hard for them to change their karma using will power. So only other way left is by intense meditation and healing that they can change their Karma.

This Karma healing techniques are taught by Karma Guru Sumant Kant Kaul and his son Karma Guru Sumeet Kant Kaul and they have healed thousands and thousands of people all over the world. They have the mission to spread this knowledge to billions. The specialty of their class is that every class you come to the knowledge is upgraded. You come for one class and come for another class the knowledge has gone for next level.