Starting this 25th of March

Level 1:

Sort your Soul journey and find yourself

Everything in the world has consciousness. From mountains, to lakes, to plants, humans, everything operates on consciousness mechanism. And in this state of consciousness, we live with problems and struggles and suffering. The problem lies in existence. It is when we elevate our level of consciousness to something called ‘Shiva’ – the Supreme Pure Consciousness state of non-existence – our problems, struggles and suffering ceases to exist.

Level 2:

Explore different dimensions of the metaphysical realm and unleash your hidden powers

The life we experience on Earth is just one dimension of the wider, greater universe we are yet to discover. Karma Gurus will teach many of the secret ancient 112 techniques of Adiyogi Shiva in original form. The ancient mystic meditations of Adiyogi Shiva are unlike anything you’ve ever experienced before and are capable of transcending one’s consciousness to different dimensions of the universe.

Level 3:

Rise to Shiva Consciousness and start living the life of your dreams

In this final level, you will see and experience the secret of this universe. The secret of God. What is the truth about God? Who is God? Where is this God? Where has this God come from? You will get answers to every question you’ve ever had. In this state, you will have the ability to master the Law of Karma and transform the difficulties in your life with just the power of your thought. Attaining this level empowers you to remove veils of ignorance and makes you a master of your fate.

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