The course where you can learn the basics and fundamentals of karma healing and karma yoga. Learn how karma works and how to avoid creating new negative karma’s and come out of the cycle of karma, learn about Pitru dosh / ancestral defects and how it works and how to heal it.Science of Consciousness & Karma Yoga Healing is a very powerful Meditational technique and with practice you can go into Samadhi State (Transcendence state) through which you can create a new and different reality. It acts like a bridge between your CONSCIOUS MIND, SUBCONSCIOUS MIND & UNCONSCIOUS MIND Ancient Indian Yogis used to practice for years together and at times for their entire lifetimes to come to the transcendence state. Karma Guru Sumant Kaul & Karma Guru Sumeet Kaul who come from the lineage of Kashmiri Shaivic Brahmans have now brought his ancient technique which was kept a secret even in their own family. THIS IS THE ULTIMATE KNOWLEDGE ON EARTH.

  • Learn from Karma Guru: Learn the most powerful technique in its original form from the founder of our institute itself.
  • Healing From the Source: Identify negative Karmic patterns which cause health, wealth & relationship difficulties suffering from the source.
  • Genetic Karma Healing: To resolve deeper issues by healing the traumas of ancestors in the family field.
  • Meditation: Learn about brain frequencies and tap into Samadhi state through powerful 8th chakra Shiva’s meditation.
  • Manifestation: Become God’s Magnet & attract abundance, bliss, eternal soulmate, health, wealth & wonderful relationships.


  • Learn secret rule and principles of Law of Karma (11 main steps). All techniques will do work only when these steps are practiced in daily life. It is an unique research of Karma Gurus, which they have decoded while interacting and teaching millions of people.
  • You can easily gain knowledge which takes full life to experience and learn.
  • Learn to chant Powerful mantras for health, prosperity and good relationship.
  • Gain healing and training to meditate deeply in Samadhi state.
  • Ancient Indian and success oriented Manifesting Technique.
  • Learning Karma Healing Structure to heal Individual and genetic Karma.

Course Outline

  • Learn the accurate knowledge of Karma and how to resolve it.
  • Learn how to heal effectively health, wealth & relationship issues from the source.
  • Learn about physical, emotional and energetic aspects of chakras and their alignment.
  • Know how consciousness is altered by lowering brain wave frequencies.
  • Learn aura scanning of paper and living beings.
  • Awaken 8th chakra and Samadhi meditation.

Learn powerful karma healing technique.