Planatery movements & Karma Impact

How the causes created by you affects you through planetary movement!

Karma Guru Sumeet Kaul, son of Karma Guru Sumant Kaul explains this with Scientific Perspective also.

If you shoot a laser light on an angle in a crystal glass (or a diamond), it will reflect in the diamond in such a way that it could forever continuously pass inside the diamond as you have just broken the reflected angle, because the diamond is cut in such a way that wherever this light meets it would reflect in the glass so it would keep reflecting forever and store information in the glass.

Your brain has magnet, the floor has magnet, planets, solar systems and constellations have magnets. In physics they teach that if you don’t have a satellite and still shoot an electrical signal in the space, it will go and reach the stratosphere and will reflect back. The space is a natural satellite, the light will go there and will reflect back to earth.

Now you don’t know where it will go, yet it will go somewhere. If you put antennas everywhere, the electrical signal or the light will catch.

Similarly all what you’re doing and all your karmas are aligned. It’s an action which has been done. It’s a photon particle as you are basically energy, every action, every thought is energy, and every energy is a light beam, and that light beam basically has been sent to the universe and all these constellation and solar system are nothing but heart line. This light which goes to the constellation creates a pattern and gets stored in these planetary systems, and keeps reflecting like a constellation. So when you see this constellation and that constellation, which means this and that, the saints or the physicists were having the awareness to see how the light was trapped, and they could see how the energies come back, so after a certain time their positions would move, and what happens is; their angle changes and the light comes back, so all the information which was uploaded, the heart line of the solar system and the constellation gets downloaded back to you.

That is why karma doesn’t come to you at a certain point of time. You wait for it, and then when the planetary motion happens, the light comes back, but it’s not the planet which is against you, they say oh the planet is bad, but it’s not that you planet is bad, it your own karma only, it’s your past action which you have uploaded and now you are downloading it back because your unconscious is not just here, the unconscious is having deeper layers. And you can only change it by working on karma healing and tapping into the unconscious memories and transforming the energy and also by mantra healing you can dissolve these karmas before they come along.