Mantra chanting was done by great Yogis and Sages for their upliftment. When you pronounce it the right way, you can energetically be in their energy and vortex. While you practice doing it daily great help is rendered to you. It one of the most powerful ways to change karma instantly which can be practiced by anyone. It can change karma’s of health, wealth & relationship and do many other miracles in life.

Key Elements are:
  • Learning and getting initiated from a well-versed, blessed teacher & Karma Yogi;
  • Right Pronunciation (the way it has to be chanted)
  • Learn the various mantras and its uses in life

Mantras are particular sounds or vibrations whose effects are known. When either chanted aloud or repeated silently. They can create the desired effect in any area of your physiology or life for healing, transformation, and inner awakening. Of course, a vast subject and there are mantras for everything from curing snakebites to spiritual awakening. It would take a lifetime to master this wisdom.

Everything is sound and any discomfort or disease is a distortion of the sound in some area of the body. Reintroducing the exact sound helps to restore the harmony in that area. Healing mantras are usually repeated with the attention in the area of discomfort. You could say, directing the vibration to where it is needed.