Guru Dosh - is nothing but a karmic baggage which you are carrying from not only this life but also from many life times at your soul journey and at your genetic life journey. It is a curse, karmic call or anything done to you due to your non mindfulness activity or mistake you did to any of your teachers.

This blocks your abundance, knowledge, happiness, health to bigger extent in your current life.

Some of the symptoms which you will experience if you have this Guru Dosh are:

  • However hard you or children perform in learning lessons still studies or knowledge doesn't go inside - you face tough time making yourself or your kids excel in studies.
  • Money / wealth loss very often.
  • Progressively moving forward in life as per your high desire doesn't happen in spite of your all efforts.
  • You constantly live your life with the feeling of inferiority complex or Low self-esteem.
  • When you have Guru Dosh it obvious you are going through Pitru dosh karma also.