Karma Healing for kids & Parents

The real answer to problems with children. Tantrums, screaming and not listening...

  • Feeling frustrated with your child's tantrums?
  • Does your child struggle with studies at school?
  • Does your child seem hyper, unfocused or refuse to listen to what you’re saying?

If you answered yes to any of the above questions and you’re wondering what to do, consider this: Perhaps the real issue isn’t your child , "it’s you",says Karma Guru Sumant kaul .

Believe it or not, your child is just bearing the symptoms of your emotions and behaviors. This applies not only to circumstances after your child was born but also to any traumas you experienced during pregnancy. Basically, a child’s behavioral problems mirror the problems of parent or the family as whole.

For example, if a mother was perpetually restless during her pregnancy - perhaps due to family issues or pressures at work - then it is very likely that her child is very restless and hyper. Or if a mother was unhappy during her pregnancy and being bullied or criticized by her husband or by in-laws but couldn’t fight back, the child will probably exhibit this inexplicable suppressed rage towards his father.

Whatever your child exhibits is, in some form, exactly what was going on in your home.

Therefore, the problem — as well as the solution — begin and end with the parents.

"The seed needs to be addressed & healed to bear a sweet fruit",adds Karma Guru Sumant Kaul.

But too often, parents would rather focus on the problem as just the child’s issue, without stopping for a moment to acknowledge that they might be the cause of it all. So how do you fix it?

One place to start is if you, as a mother, seek help to heal yourself from your past or current trauma through karma healing.

Karma healing a technique taught by Karma Guru Sumant Kaul is an original 60,000-year-old technique of Shiva that led Buddha to enlightenment, involves healing the source memory of emotional traumas that your body has sub-consciously stored away in the form of suppressed energy, fears and perceptions that serve as defense mechanisms.

Healing yourself will automatically and immediately impact your child because he or she will no longer mirror that trauma from you and therefore no longer be affected by it.

The younger your children are, the easier it will be for them to heal through you and live a happy and successful life,the teachings of Karma Guru Sumant Kant Kaul and Karma Guru Sumeet Kant Kaul has impacted many kids around the globe.