Why Healing our Karma is of Utmost importance!

‘’ What does a person take when he leaves this earth, Money? No, but knowledge and karma’’

says Karma Guru Sumant Kaul. We use hate, anger, jealousy, competition & fear as crutches to become successful but end up reincarnating again and again to resolve that karma and to overcome that one must master Karma Yoga Principles.

The goal of mankind is knowledge. The mindsets that we bring into this lifetime are our karma. If we have the self-belief and mindset that we are lacking or 'we are not good enough', that belief will inevitably draw into our lives and the people and the circumstances that will make us feel weak and inferior, so healing karma is more important than dealing with circumstances and problems in life the way they are, so the way to come above karma and all the problems in life is by learning karma healing techniques taught by Karma Guru Sumant Kaul and Karma Guru Sumeet Kaul.

In karma healing course we learn the secrets of Law of Karma, principles and its effects and also how to manage it mindfully leading to activation of Prana Kundalini and when our Prana Kundalini is activated it leads to Accumulation of Divine Wealth, Optimum health and lovable relationship leading to a wonderful family life. Further Practising this technique at advance levels, leads us to a very high level of Soul Evolvement and Higher levels of Kundalini activation.