Few moments with Karma Gurus, while they were in Dubai.

“Money is a part of Karma healing, not divorced from it,” say father-son duo and Karma Gurus Sumant Kaul and Sumeet Kant Kaul who helm Science of Consciousness & Karma Yoga Healing based on the age old tradition of Karma yoga, Kashmiri Shaivism and Trika.

How does your path address practical, everyday spirituality?

There is no spirituality without mindfulness. One must be sensitive to energy to grow in spirituality as well. Even when people become ‘so called spiritual’, they are still stuck in their emotional issues. Realizing the fact that you are beyond this body in day to day practical life normally does not happen unless you bring the practice of karma healing process in your life which we teach in seminars. The mind becomes restless with emotions of anger, fear and sadness when there is day to day money stress, relationship and family stress or health stress. In this real-life situation, philosophy doesn’t help, only karma healing techniques help you to release the blocks and help you move on towards positivity. It provides you with resourceful energy that you can use to change, improve your path and so your destiny.

Can you attract money by being on the path of Karma healing? How?

MONEY, is an energy which many people want consciously and need but their unconscious has many blocks against it. There have been numerous cases where families fight for money, employees betray for money, parents struggle for money, homes being robbed for money and most importantly karmas in past lives where people might have cheated and taken money from someone and in this birth, are now repaying the debt. Also, people have a negative belief that if they are spiritual and mindful, they cannot have money. This prevents them from having money and further prevents them from being spiritual and mindful. People have negative beliefs as they start becoming uncomfortable to spend money on learning healing for 300 dollars but will pay money to doctors and hospitals finally for surgery in millions. The so called spiritual people are also trapped in this karma as they feel uncomfortable with money but they need money to survive and travel and operate so they take only donations and here is where all drama karma happens. It happens at times that the donor donates all his black money which he wants to evade and dumps it in the donation box.

If mindful spiritual people do not have money then money will go to unmindful people and they misuse it and harm themselves and others causing destruction to everyone, so it is our duty to create wealth. Approach all problems from the karmic level and you will see why people are doing what they are doing, why some people get harmed by others, why some people are born in some cities where drama happens, it’s all at karmic level. Diseases come due to negative karma. Heart issues come from fear, diabetes is a liver disease of insulin resistance and comes from anger, stomach issues due to anxiety, back issues due to unworthiness and inability to accept change, nervous system, and brain disorders are due to negative thinking and being always taking habits of taking stress and judging.

Only by working on karma healing and deeper awareness, can this be healed. One must learn the lesson, otherwise, numerous lifetimes are wasted for the body. The present is such an opportunity to not only resolve the karmas but experience new actions for which you don’t create karma I.e. you make the almighty the doer of your actions and surrender to divine, this is possible only when you have that intention and you experience your spirit cord from your crown connecting to divine energy and being in awareness. Develop your body for that.

What is your goal with this program?

The goal of the program is simple, give students the tool to work on themselves so that they can be on their highest mindful spiritual path resolving their karmas and towards the path of liberation while living their day to day life in bliss, abundance, love, togetherness, and peace. You can create and manifest what you want in life. You just must act towards it and clear the blocks that are blocking it.

How does one incorporate spiritual practices in work life?

Your work life, your boss, your colleagues, your customers, your office is your karma. If you have a negative work karma then even if you change job or business still same things would happen because it’s your karma. By discovering why you attract this work life, for egg maybe you have blocks on money, maybe you are complaining so you always attract people who complain, maybe you have a belief of struggling and you are struggling in office and work. Thus, by resolving the difficulties that attract to you such negative situations, you will be able to manifest your dream work and your dream life.

Tell us something about an individual’s power of intention and intuition.

Intention is what matters most. Wherever intention goes healing flows. This is how distant healing happens. Think of intention like a signal that’s targeted towards goal. Once intention to improve your life starts, you will have visualization, body sensations, and auditory guidance coming to you within you because you are connected to the infinite source. Intention is the starting process of healing your life. Intuition, on the other hand, is active for some people and blocked for some. Intuition doesn’t stay in space of judgment, fear of future and doubt. Intuitions stay in creative, relaxed and space of faith. Intuition is your inner guide that helps you move forward. All great minds, like Einstein, A R Rahman, Steven Spielberg are intuitive. They got their successful revelations in intuitive trance like dream states. Intuition is what is driving the world forward. Learn how to use your intuition to guide you.

What are the things to be watchful of during this path and program?

One should always be watchful whether you do or do not do this program. One should be watchful of the energy, of the emotions that you are feeling, why do you feel that are they your emotions or they are suppressed emotions of your childhood and your parents that you inherit and fell helpless. One should not be trapped in theses false emotions and fear. But normally human does fall into it. No advice helps. So, you must learn the technique of clearing the garbage from unconscious. Just meditation isn’t enough. Karma healing must be learned. Just like cancer can’t be helped by pain killers, surgery is required. Similarly, just meditation isn’t enough, karma healing is required to heal heavy blocks of depression, relationship problem, health problems and money issues.