Most of us are suffering from previous negative karma’s, Guru dosh & Pitru doshi.e. ancestral defects from many generations and are taking birth again and again and again and again only to be defeated again and again by our karma’s as we can’t resolve life after life as the Meditational Practice we learn and do are fantastic but not enough to change our life,yes they not enough to heal our negative karma’s we have created throughout all our lifetimes.

In this seminar we will go to your many life times and make you ready to visualize and feel them and help you release and resolve them which will allow you to move forward.

This course is the drastic step towards becoming a karma yogi and following karma yoga

  • Advance Knowledge about - Spirit World & Dimensions..
  • Meditations to attain SAMADHI STATE (deep trans level)
  • Eternal Truths (about universe & its reality) - its importance.
  • Ancestral Defects & how it affects your Karma..
  • How to identify if you are suffering from Ancestral Defect.
  • Strong Positive affirmations
  • Effects of Karma - short term & long term.
  • Karmic Oath - Renouncing exercise
  • Discover Karmic causes of their money problem
  • Practice Karma healing and regression to have money supporting beliefs.
  • Pranayama and Kriya Breath Techniques.

YOUR LIFE RE-DEFINED:- You will find how Ancient Yogi's used to manage their Karma. The beauty of this RETREAT is that you can lead your life like a modern yogi and also lead a normal life with extraordinary moments that brings you lot of joy, wealth and love in relationships and success in CAREER.