Why we need Regression through Karma Healing.

Many people have a little or no Metaphysical understanding and teach a simple technique to watch the breath to calm the mind. This technique can and does calm the mind but people don't realize that this technique is merely the beginning of meditation. Some go on happily watching the breath for hours and think that they had a good meditation, as they certainly feel more relaxed. After doing this for almost 10 to 20 years they will find that they still have not resolved any of their issues, neither they could see the exact or remember their genetic past existences.

They realize that they have not connected with any energy in a non-physical form with whom they have to resolve their karma and are still unsure about the idea of life & death. Basically, they have gone nowhere but are quite happy with this, as their belief system was able to stay intact. Naturally, after doing this for so many years, they conclude that meditation is relaxing and just reduces stress and they are happy with that.

The reason that Regression through Karma Healing taught by Karma Guru Sumant Kaul and Karma Guru Sumeet Kaul is extremely important for mindful metaphysical transformation. Only Meditation cannot break through the largest Samskaras i.e. Karmic Baggage. Meditation is used to clear the astral body, raise one's consciousness and incarnate to higher energies. The problem that arises is that for meditation to be deep enough and these ends to be achieved, that requires a huge amount of practice. Sages and Monks often meditate for many years each day for long periods and still didn't achieve their goal. The reason for this lies in the fact that to meditate deep enough to dissolve the Big Samskaras i.e. Karmic baggage, it is very difficult as these very large samskaras exist.

The sage can meditate very deeply for long periods and resolve much karma but the large karmic baggage will never be cleared. While meditation on its own can work for some extraordinary people, the above problem will still slow their progress and make meditation much harder. If the large samskaras could have been cleared through karmic regression their meditation would have instantly gone deeper and progress would have been swift.

Honorable teacher & mentor Karma Guru Sumant Kaul is an expert in this. Regression is aimed at these large samskaras and their quick and effective dissolution. While meditation dissolves these samskaras by releasing them with higher vibration and consciousness, regression goes inside them and releases what is inside so that the higher vibrations can then clear them.

An example is a boat where the person wants to reach the destination. The boat has a few anchors which are the large karma baggage and rowing the boat is like meditating. If the anchors are put to use, rowing will get you nowhere and if you pull up the anchors but do not row you will be taken by the currents and could end up lost in the ocean. The best option is to pull the anchors and have a motorized boat or motor take the boat to that destination.

Adding regression through Karma Healing in meditation is like adding a motor to the boat and so that one will get definite solutions. Karma Guru has been teaching & mentoring more than 100,000 people all over the world. Learn India's very Ancient 60,000 years technique of healing & curing.